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The description of FarmTopia App

Build your own Farm and become a member of the vibrant community inhabiting the Nemo Island – a lush, remote Island that withstood the Cataclysm which had left the rest of the world in ruins.

*Develop your Farm and become a Farming Master*

The picturesque Farm by the sea is your own piece of Paradise – but the task ahead of you is not easy! As a novice Farmer in this idyllic Utopia (or FarmTopia), you will have to:

– Develop an overgrown, unkempt plot of land into a prosperous Farm
– Repair and rebuild your disheveled shack into a charming residence
– Plant and harvest a wide variety of crops
– Raise livestock and collect different animal products
– Craft and cook to turn raw materials into valuable, refined goods
– Cultivate your relationships with the diverse inhabitants of the island
– Fulfill the orders of your neighbors and help them solve their problems
– Gain experience and learn new skills to gain mastery in your trade
– Customize and decorate your character and your residence
– Discover and explore the diverse regions of Fairyland Nemo
– Uncover the many mysteries on the Island and beyond

*Uncover the story of the Nemo Island*

Can you help save the FarmTopia on Nemo Island from the decay that’s festering the Outside World?
Will you be able to bring the beauty and life that have survived here against all odds to other parts of Earth?
Finally, will you be able to learn the secret story of this incredible land and find out how the AI running it is involved in the fate of this place… and that of all of humanity?

*Mobile Farming Simulator RPG you’ve been waiting for!*

FarmTopia merges the elements of Farming Simulation Games with RPG mechanics to bring you the most enjoyable mobile farming experience.
Enjoy the relaxing and casual farming gameplay combined with a deep, fulfilling story and well-developed characters who bring life to this exciting world.
Start your adventure and download your new favorite Farming Roleplaying Game now!

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