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The description of Dino Village: Next Island App

Go prehistoric! Live with dinosaurs and breed 200+ unique dinosaurs. Create and manage a dream dino village, raise the perfect dino companion and join together in fun island adventures.

– CREATE YOUR DREAM VILLAGE: live in a special tribe and use your special ability to talk to dinosaurs! Rebuild your tribe from the strike of a tsunami and make it beautiful again with your hands.

– RAISE THE BEST DINOS: pet and nurture your dinos! Harvest huge pineapples and vegetables to feed your dino from baby to adult. It’s not a dinosaur park, it’s where you live with your best friends! The dinos are not your lovely pets, they are your best companion!

– BREED MANY UNIQUE DINOS: collect dinosaur eggs by exploring islands. Then breed your dinos together to get the best dino!

– EXPLORE ISLANDS: this is where the real adventure begins! Explore with your best T-Rex to islands and collect ‘Survival Instinct’ points, seashells, treasures, and decorations, go to meet huge prehistoric animals like the mammoth, the sabertooth tiger, cave bear from ice age or stone age.

– AROUSE DINO’S TALENT: each dino can have its special talent, produce more food, run faster, good at catching rabbits, good at hunting Hyenas and Thylacoleo, more chance to give a birth to a female baby dino…

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