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WebComics is in the hot trending on Google Play’s Comic and Anime list! Talented comic creators are creating captivating webtoons and manhwa every day from across the world. Join us now to read amazing comics and chat with 8,000k+ webcomics enthusiasts!.

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Fantasy/Vampire —— Bride of the Dawn
A secret contract between a human girl, vampire, and werewolves. Hatred, conspiracy, death, love, the fate of the two races… What choice will she make?

Romance——The Naive Mr. Lu
She disguised herself as a man for her twin brother, but ended up falling in love with whom she investigated. Family, power, status and revenge… Her real sex and the background were revealed, how would she do when pounded on all sides?

Boy’s Love——Equipoise
As a boy who keeps a certain distance from everyone, he actually meets the one that he wants to make every effort to help.

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