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The description of Guns Master

Show your aiming skills in the ultimate shooting gallery! Aim fast and hit all targets. Can you make it? Complete multiple levels of increasing difficulty and shot your precision in shooting!

Guns Master

Gun Master is a 2D shooting game that tests your reflexes and judgment. Each level pits you against multiple opponents that you must out-shoot to continue. Line up your shots carefully and don’t miss, it might be your only chance!

How to Play

The aiming system in Gun Master is similar to some tower defense games. Wait for your shot to line up and fire to eliminate the enemy. Each enemy you kill brings you a level higher on the map until you reach the boss. There’s a boss at the end of every level.

Regular opponents die in one shot, but the boss takes several shots to take down. Both regular opponents and bosses drop coins to spend on progression items.

Game Progression

As you progress through Gun Master, the levels become longer and more testing. Each boss gains more health, leaving more room for error when shooting.

Blacklist Rewards

Every boss you kill gets crossed off the blacklist, which rewards you with weapons on completion. Your progress is rewarded in a variety of ways to keep you engaged in the battle.


Use the coins you earn from defeating enemies to upgrade your arsenal. A plethora of weapons is at your disposal, from machine guns to plasma rifles. You can also unlock a variety of guns from completing blacklists and daily rewards.


Choose your style of attire from the outfit menu. Whether you want to look like a mutant, cowboy, or commando, there are plenty of looks to choose from. Outfits are unlocked as you progress through the game. Once you reach certain milestones, like unlocking five guns or reaching level 100, you’ll reveal a new section of outfits to wear.

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