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The description of #open

Come join our inclusive community and make authentic connections with people who share your passion.

✨? We’re giving $1 to Planned Parenthood for each new profile, up to $69,000. Help us help PP when they need it most! ?✨

✿ Join solo, as a couple, or both
✿ Be you! Choose from 24 gender identities and 23 orientations or enter your own. We’re proud to support the LGBTQIA+ community!
✿ Personalize your profile with hashtags that express your preferences and boundaries
✿ Let people know what your pronouns are without them having to ask

❤ Browse or search for people who share your passions
❤ Match with people in your area via double-opt-in 
❤ Browse from somewhere else to make new connections while traveling
❤ Chat with your matches and get to know each other or hop into a group chat to socialize
❤ Meet new partners, dates, hookups, or friends

Agreeing to play NICE is the first step in joining our community.
☑ Negotiate – Communicate your intentions, expectations, and desires with clarity and honesty.
☑ Include – Treat yourself and your fellow members with respect. Be welcoming and accepting of others.
☑ Consent – Always practice affirmative, enthusiastic consent when you share or do anything with another person. Do not send unsolicited explicit pictures to others or display them publicly on your profile.
☑ Experience – Allow yourself and others to explore and experience new things without shame or judgement.

Our commitment to respecting our user’s privacy is second to none.
✱ We don’t use Facebook or any other social media platform to login or collect data
✱ Share only what you want to share—hide what you don’t
✱ #open is ad free
✱ We will NEVER sell your data to advertisers or any other third party

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