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The description of Glow – Video Chat, Dating

Do you want to meet new people? Let’s talk randomly. 
We guarantee your have fun or may be fall in love? 

Tap the call button and searching new people on Glow for video chat. This will allow you to match other people who tap the call button to find someone at that time. You can always reach the people you match on the « Recent Call » section. You can then chat with the people you paired with or start a private call.

No wait, no waste! Just tap and call. 

Just keep talking if you are enjoying the matched conversation. Otherwise just end to the call for searching another people.

Did something happen that you don’t want to see or hear? You can block the person you matched with so that you can never contact them again. Please give us a detailed explanation of why you have blocked a user so that we can block to malicious users. 

Don’t be shy, just start calling.

Upgrade to Glow Premium for additional features. 

What it provides ? 
Glow users have 1 minute free random video call for each day. Our Glow Premium users are added to 420 ruby accounts for each month they stay premium. This means a 7 minute Glow video chat call. Whether you’re a premium or not, you can get more rubies at any time.

Glow premium users can make private call or answer private callings. With all this, they can send unlimited text message to matched user.

Another feature is random message to someone. You are also matched when you send a message to someone on random message area. You can then send a private message or make a private call. Free users can search 1 time for each day for random message. Glow premium is provide that unlimited searching for random message.

Glow premium members receive a small active badge next to their name.

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