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The description of BeeTok

Look Around or scan your Radar for new friends nearby and enjoy enhanced wechat experience with whisper inmessages that disappear afterwards. You can also use doodle and cute wastickersapps. Look Around Discover people within close distance from you. 50m? 100m? 1km? Find Friends from nearby! Whisper Send messages that musically disappear after being read! Radar Scan the area and Find even more new Friends! Free sex gender. Calls and Messages Unlimited beetalk time, tiktok and voice inmessages Doodle Sketch and draw to your friends! Love Stickers Enrich your chatting experience with cute stickers maker! Group wa miChat Groupme Vote allows us to find out others’ preferences Club Create & Join clubs around you. Meetme new Friends with the same pinterest. Forum Join Forums totok share and discuss on a variety of interesting topics. You will also meetme more friends there with similar pinterest! *Some of the above features are only available in selected countries.

Key Feature :

? People Nearby

? Group Chat

? Chat Rooms

? Be a Friend

? Location Based GPS

? Distance 

Be Honest with BeeTok !

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