Boyaa Capsa Susun (Game Capsa Indonesia) 5/5 (1)


The description of Boyaa Capsa Susun (Game Capsa Indonesia)

Capsa Game 1 se Indonesia! Come play with players around the world!
Various cool event waiting for you!Boyaa Capsa Susun is now bringing to the next level! Come compete with players all over Indonesia and become the king of the game capsa. Capsa Susun is a card game of poker with the Asian style that is becoming more popular in Indonesia. Arrange the 13 cards in hand to produce the best combination.Best in Indonesia
Play Capsa Susun Indonesia’s largest, collect coin and compete with players all over Indonesia Capsa

Various events with diverse gifts
Follow the various events that we provide to you all! Let’s skip the various feasts of Indonesia together all the players in Indonesia!

Invite your friends to play together
Want to play between friends instead? We provide koq! Pass time with friends with a variety of games that exist

Login every day and get the prize, complete daily tasks and earn even more!
Others feel the need refreshment? Main course other card games, in addition to capsa available also Remi, spade, chess and Sicbo

Cool to see the beautiful music
With soothing classical song, listen and feel the tranquility dihati

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