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The description of Mrsool | مرسول

Mrsool is one of the largest delivery platforms in the kingdom. Mrsool is a unique on-demand experience earned the highest user ratings among all the other large delivery apps. It’s the first and the best Saudi App that delivers everything from all types of stores and restaurants across, covers all areas in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mrsools’ services expansion reached to Egypt and Bahrain and soon to other countries in the region.

Mrsool is not just a delivery app that deliver orders, Mrsool is like your brother that is always close to you no matter what you order. It does not only deliver food from all restaurants, it’s also deliver Gaz, Water, Car parts, Groceries, Clothes, Accessories and even if you forgot something somewhere you can ask Mrsool to bring it to your place.

Mrsool Advantages:
– Delivers Everything.
– Send whatever you want to any place of your choosing.
– Use Mrsool ordering bot for easier order process.
– You can review your old orders and re-order them with just a click.
– You can order from multiple places in the same order.
– Covers all restaurants and stores in KSA.
– Always has offers and promotions available.
– Pay the way you prefer.
– Live and direct chat with the driver.
– Accept the delivery fee you want.

And if you want to earn extra money, Join Mrsool and start delivering orders.

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