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The description of Game Booster For Free & Fire Lag Fix App

The game booster for FF is the solution to speed up games and avoid annoying lag on your mobile.

Now you can optimize and boost the performance of your mobile device with a single click so that games on your mobile do not get stuck, your ping goes up or the battery drains quickly.

Free up memory, cool down cpu, free up cache, and optimize battery performance to eliminate lag and play without interruption.

App Features:

Optimize performance

The game booster for FF frees up your ram memory so you can boost your gaming sessions. Enjoy less ping, less bugs and anti lag.

Optimize battery

With a single button you can close the applications that are not fulfilling any function and that consume the battery while you play, this way you can save battery to play without worrying that your phone will discharge quickly.

Cool cpu

Reduces CPU overheating by stopping resource-intensive applications.

Clear cache

Free up junk space on your mobile phone to increase memory capacity and speed up your device’s performance.

Best of all, this app works for all kinds of games installed on your mobile included pubg.

What are you waiting for to download the game booster for free fire? It’s free.

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