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The description of MinMathi

MinMathi is a comprehensive hub that modernizes the way SHGs evolve and operate. A digital platform that enables empowerment from 3 angles. 

Digital Empowerment
In today’s digital age, empowerment directly translates to being connected. MinMathi brings technology within easy reach of the SHG women & opens up newer opportunities for the aspiring women by connecting them to mentors, fellow SHGs across the Country, as well as potential buyers of their products!

Financial Empowerment
MinMathi actively involves banks and other microfinance institutions to participate in the portal and helps them streamline the verification and disbursal process with improved candidate accountability thanks to the e-learning course structure. MinMathi Money allows for an eBanking approach to money management and allows women to freely transact within the MinMathi ecosystem.

Social Empowerment
MinMathi aims at a connected ecosystem which enables the SHGs to thrive. Aspiring women can now connect with other SHG across the Country, mentors/experts across the globe and tune in live channels have their queries and concerns answered. This social inclusion is the power of communities working together

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