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The description of Friend Shoulder

Do you have any problems, difficulties, something to worry about, need to vent, or do you want advice? This is your application!

Put out everything that leaves you with anguish, anxiety, sadness, fear, upset or depressed. We are a group with the purpose of helping each other. You can vent your problems to the other participants giving you advice or you can talk through the chat directly.

All the vents and requests for advice are anonymous, we are here to help you overcome your anxieties, anxiety, family stress, loneliness and even depression. Use the chat to meet new friends privately and anonymously. You can tell your secrets to someone and feel better by venting. Meet a new virtual friend or diary.

We have categories to better separate the vent, they are:
* Advices
* Love (Relationship, betrayal, infidelity, flirting)
* Family
* Money (financial problems)
* Friendship
* Job
* Sexuality (Doubts about, GLS, …)
* Others

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