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▣ New game « Cockfighting » is available!

Hilo, online casino game, a top hit hi-low game, a game of chance and technique. A game from GAMEINDY, the top hit card-game publisher, like Dummyrummy and Slave in Wonderland and 9K.Every card game were included in one app such as nineK, Pokdeng, FishPrawnCrab and Paikaeng. Paikaeng is the popular card-game that comes from The south of Thailand. The objective of Paikaeng is to drop cards on hand until someone left the minimum point on the table and then Kaeng, mean opening or showing card. If he has a minimum point of cards, he will be a winner and out new entry Thai Cockfighting! Cockfighting is the popular traditional sport that widespread in Thailand since ancient time. Bet on the thrilling fight of roosters of various breed and multiple fighting style and see which one will come out on top in the end. Come and let get challenge, excitement, relaxation, enjoyment and rich everytime!!

▣ Thai Hilo game, temple-fair style, free download, easy to play, enjoyable
▣ Easily login both in Facebook and Guest accounts
▣ Daily free chips just by login
▣ Hilo,an exciting, dramatic game
▣ 9K style of temple fair. Demonstrating the real cards Thai.
▣ A sexy host, rolling realistic dice, in responsive service
▣ Teasing your friends with funny emotions,such as God doll, ghost pot
▣ Decorating your fortune table with talismans
▣ Each game dice statistics for checking all the time

Downloadable today, definitely enjoyable and satisfying, confirmed by Top Developer

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