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The description of Global Teen Patti

Global teen patti is indian gambling type game. It use 52 card deck. this game mostly played with 3-5 player.each player having 3 cards. before card distribution bet amount will be decide and collect from all player and then card distribute.this is most populer game and you can also achieve real reward from that.

1.Trio : all 3 cards are same rank
2. Stright run : card in sequence with same color
3. normal run : card in sequence but no matter of color
4. Color : 3 cards from the same color cards
5. Pair : 2 cards are same rank
6. High card : card rank is higher than other players card

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Additional Feature:
there are also new feature like shoe ,with the help of that you can through shoe on opponent player.there is also nolimit table availabe where you can play game without limit of pot.

global teen patti also provide different varition like highjoker, low joker, AK47, Faceoff, Kalajaadu, Bajarangi, 999, muflish, 10Xboot.

You can get also daily bonus as well as 3 hour bonus. in nolimit game 100 game bonus also available.and one more feature is Lucky Wheel, with the help of that you can get extra things like more chips,shoe,hammer depend on your luck.

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