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The description of « Джокер » – карточная игра

Joker. Rightfully one of the best card games in the world:

• Gambling and welcome Bids in chips;
• Global ladder, leagues and achievements;
• Player Rankings with leagues from tree to Diamond, Master and Joker;
• Variability of the game many times superior Poker;
• Developed player profile, with accurate statistics of games;
• finish the game bots in the rating games. They allow you to leave and return to the game started online. See out the game in case of connection failure;
• Three game types: « Classic », « popular », « Negative »;
• A new, short game known seasoned players as « only nine » or « nine ».

The full rules of the game can be found inside the app.

The project is developing, stay tuned.

PLEASE NOTE: The game has high hardware requirements.

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