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The description of Valkyrie Crusade

« The maidens have come. To the world up in the heavens! »

Valkyrie Crusade combines epic RPG-style card battles featuring beautiful maidens with a fantastic town building simulator. Enjoy both types of games at the same time!

■Beautiful Battle Maiden Cards!
Summon a variety of beautiful maidens!
Create your own units, fuse cards with evolution and amalgamation, and charge into battle.
Become friendly with your maidens and strengthen your bonds……

■Create a Beautiful « Kingdom »!
Build structures with various effects, and design your own unique town.
Even players who are not adept at RPGs can enjoy building and decorating their town.

■Magnificent Battles!
Organize your units and march into each area to restore peace to the Celestial Realm in the « Campaign ».
Battle other players in a « Duel » to get « Sacred Relics ».
Work together with comrades to defeat powerful enemies known as « Archwitches ».
A variety of card battles await you!

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