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The description of Virtual Girlfriend Fake Call

Hello girlfriend and boyfriend games trackers,Do you want to shock your friends by showing them that you have got a virtual girlfriend that call and chats like real person? Do you Want your friends think that you are getting an important virtual talking girlfriend and you still prefer them over celebrities Like President or fake santa call.virtual girlfriend app free that chats with u like a real person

My virtual girlfriend app is finally here.With « Virtual Girlfriend Call Prank » you can create a fake text message to someone with a different number and a virtual chat with girlfriend, let people think that calling you or your girlfriend text you! You can start a virtual chat with a girlfriend in matter of seconds.

Virtual Texting Girlfriend is a prank call and fake text lets you receive fake text messages and fake call pranks from anyone you want.Let some pretty and beautiful girls rescue you from any kind of unwanted situation!

Fake Call Girlfriend Prank app lets you choose a contact from your phone’s contacts or you can specify any name and number you like! Add a photo of a beautiful girl and it will appear as your fake call number photo when you receive the fake call.

With fake call girlfriend prank trick your friends and make them believe that you received the message or a fake prank call.


– Obtain unlimited free calls, no limits, no costs via our girlfriend calling games
– your gf can call for a variety of reasons, such as your child misbehaving
– Customize time and gender which gf will mentions during the gf call prank.

The most beautiful fake gf text application is finally in Market.You can send fake caller id text message or fake call maker to yourself.Fake Call Girlfriend app is really very helpful app.

This fake call girlfriend real voice is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true SMS.Fake Call Prank is prank app and all the results are Fake. it is made for entertainment purpose only.

Create your own free fake text message and call to someone with a different number with pretty girls and boys. Select pretty girls or boys photos from phone gallery or take a picture using phone camera and enter pretty girls name or boys names and mobile number.
If you enjoy a good laugh this app can be handy for you with no special tricks and no frills.
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With this fake call with voice of girl real you can simulate phone sms from the best fake text message or fake caller id outgoing call free app to fool your friends or girlfriend and boyfriend.

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